Bacon & Cheese Croissant
IDR 30
Flaky buttery croissant filled with Bacon, topped with Cheese and Bacon crumble
Butter Croissant
IDR 18
Our simple flaky butter croissant for those who loves the simplicity of warm croissant with extra butter on the side
Truffled Mushroom Croissant
IDR 30
Savoury croissants filled with minced mushrooms and truffle oil
Triple Cheesecake Croissant
IDR 35
One type of cheese is not enough! Here we have triple cheesecake that will burst out of creamy cheesy texture.
Thai Milk Tea Croissant
IDR 35
Flaky croissant with Thai milk tea filling would oozing out once you cut it! Topped with the strong fragrant tea.
Cheesecake Croissant
IDR 30
Cheesecake filled croissant topped with crumbles
Chocolate Lava Croissant
IDR 35
Specially made for chocolate lover using the best quality chocolate by Cacao Barry. Melted chocolate inside with chocolate glaze on the outside
Salted Egg Yolk Croissant
IDR 35
Classic asian bao flavour infused in buttery croissant and topped with sugary goodness
Martabak Croissant
IDR 35
Indonesian delicacy meets French patisserie. Who can resist our Martabak? Warm chocolate, crunchy nuts, topped with shredded cheese and condensed milk
Almond Croissant
IDR 32
Flaky croissant filled and topped with almond brings the good balance of sweet and a little bit of crunch
Nutella Pain Au Chocolat
IDR 25
Our signature flaky pain au chocolat with Nutella on the inside. Warm them just before serving to experience pure melted chocolate goodness.
Peanut Butter & Jelly Croissant
IDR 32
American style breakfast meets French patisserie. Peanut Butter & Jelly is a must try combination!
Cendol Croissant
IDR 35
Another Indonesian delicacy dessert that has been infused to croissant. It was published on Independence day, but its popularity makes us to keep it permanent!
Cinnamon & Raisin Croissant Swirl
IDR 28
What is better than a warm cinnamon & raisin croissant swirl in the morning with a cup of warm tea? nothing beats this combo!
Churros Croissant
IDR 28
We are sure you are familiar with Churros, this Spanish inspired croissant is double the fun and double the crunch!
Strawberry Cheesecake
IDR 35
Cheesecake flavour infused with strawberry! Spring is here!
Tiramisu Pain Au Chocolat
IDR 35
Success with Nutella, now we come up with Tiramisu flavour for our pain au chocolat, you could never wrong with famous flavour!
Peach Danish
IDR 28
We first eat with our eyes, and our peach danish is such a candy for our eyes, with the freshness fruity feeling of peach!
Durian Brioche
IDR 20
Durian! Fruit to hate and love, but as Indonesians we are sure to bring this flavour into our latest edition of brioche
Pandan Brioche
IDR 20
Indonesian loves our own traditional flavours, so why not infused some Pandan into our brioche?
Vanilla Brioche
IDR 20
Most common flavour that people love is Vanilla. Instead of putting it in our croissant, we decided to put it in our brioche, more filling than ever!
Beef Pie
IDR 50
What describes Aussie's food the best rather than its meat pie!
Chunky Beef Steak Pie
IDR 55
When we think of Aussie, Beef Steak Pie is a must try! Succulent chunky beef steak inside a flaky pastry
Chicken & Mushroom Pie
IDR 50
Nothing beats the combination of chicken and mushroom! Don't trust us? have you tried our truffle chicken mushroom spaghetti before?
Mocha Nougat Croissant
IDR 35
Made to order - creamy mocha filling topped with lots of nougat! Will satisfy you for sure!
Kaya Toast Croissant
IDR 35
Made to order - Inspired by the Singaporean kaya toast. Flaky butter croissant filled with homemade kaya jam , topped with cold butter square and drizzled by more kaya jam!
Chopped Croissant
IDR 35
Collaboration with Elle & Vire, we are introducing chopped croissants topped with cranberry, almond, and sugar topping
Spinach & Mushroom Quiche
IDR 45
Classic quiche with spinach and mushroom filling
Bacon & Cheese Quiche
IDR 45
All time favourite for easy breakfast - pork bacon for PIK branch and chicken ham for Citos